Home Staging


The History of Home Staging:

The concept of Home Staging has been around for more than 30 years. It began on the West Coast, in Bellevue WA in the 1970’s and has been making its way Eastward ever since. Thanks to networks like HGTV, TLC and A&E,

who have all created various shows about Home Staging, we have been able to better educate the public quickly about the importance of Home Staging. Five years ago, when I started Dragon Design, LLC, people would ask, “What kind of business do you have?” When I tell them I have an Interior Design and Home Staging business, they would respond, “What’s Home Staging”? Now, when I have that same conversation, it is rare that someone doesn’t have at least an idea of what Home Staging is and what it entails. Home Staging is no longer just a “concept” out there. It’s become an industry with organizations, affiliations, training programs, conventions and multiple businesses that have sprung up all over the country. The drawback to being such a new industry is that it has not been regulated yet. There are many new companies out there that are jumping on the staging bandwagon, who may or may not thoroughly qualify to be a stager. So, if you are a client in need of Home Staging…

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